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About the Village

Located in the Occitanie / Provence region of southern France, in the department du Gard, Cavillargues enjoys a Mediterranean climate. It is home to around 850 people, just as many as in 1836 with an interim low of a minimum of 445 inhabitants.

There is a pharmacy, a baker, a butcher, a hairdresser, a corner shop and a doctor in the village. The small village cafe - only 100m away - serves drinks and lunch.

Very close by is the "Chez-Ma-Mère", a restaurant on a hill with a beautiful view, which can easily be reached in 15 minutes on foot or 3 minutes by car.


Cavillargues is well connected. From the north, exit the motorway at Bollène, then follow the main road to Pont-St-Esprit and Bagnols-sur-Cèze before taking the provincial road via Tresques to the Perle du Midi. The nearest major cities are Avignon (1 hour drive), Orange (50 minutes), Nîmes (1 hour drive) and Uzès (40 minutes).

Where to / Wohin / Ou?
Distance / Distanz / Distance
Travel time / Reisezeit / Temps
Cavillargues —> Avignon / TGV
40 Min
Cavillargues —> Uzès
25 Min
Cavillargues —> Marseille
1h 45 Min
Cavillargues —> Orange
50 Min
Cavillargues —> Bagnols-Sur-Cèze
15 Min
Cavillargues —> Pont du Gard
30 Min
Cavillargues —> Marseille Aeroport
1h 30 Min
Cavillargues —> St-Maries-de-la-Mer
1h 30 Min
Cavillargues —> St. Tropez
3h 20 Min
Cavillargues —> Goudarges
20 Min
Cavillargues —> Pont-St-Esprit
30 Min
Cavillargues —> Nimes
50 Min
Cavillargues welcomes you

Cavillargues welcomes you

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